• February 22, 2021

Free Online Games To Play Now

Not everything that is offered for free may look interesting. Same is not the case, however, with online games. Many of the free games that you find for mobile and PC are extremely interesting and exciting to play. When you have so many options of all free games to get entertained, why don’t you give it a try? Let us see the top games that are the most happening ones in the gaming world right now.

Subway Surfer
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Subway Surfer is jointly developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, but Kiloo is the publisher. This gaming company has more than 18 years of experience in developing engaging games. Though Subway Surfer is their top game, Kiloo has other games such as Badland, Basketball Stars, Biker Lane, Ben 10: Vengeance of VilGax, Zombie Apocalypse, and many others. Their games have certain features that resonates with the band. The games are colourful, upbeat, fun, and adrenaline pumping. Their games cover a range of genres that includes arcade, shooting, multiplayer, racing, etc.
Platform: Android/ iOS/ Windows
Gameplay: The game is an interesting concept and simple to follow. You enter the game as the character Jake, who is spray painting a side of a train. This is a crime almost everywhere, hence when a cop and his dog notice the act, they try to catch Jake. In order to run away from them, Jake starts running on the railway tracks. He has to dodge various hurdles on the way and move away from oncoming trains.
The gameplay is easy. Swipe Jake up, down and right, left to avoid obstacles. He can run on the rooftop of the trains and jump from train to train too. Move Jake so that he avoids getting caught by the cop or getting hit by a train. If either of it happens, then Jake will lose a life. This is one part of the fast-paced game.

Along the tracks are coins, devices, and collectibles that you have to gather. You will find, keys, score multipliers, sneakers, jetpacks, magnets, mystery boxes and power jumpers that you can collect. The coins can be used to buy new characters and items to upgrade your gameplay.

The beauty about Subway Surfer is that is appeal to people of all age groups. It is fun and relaxing too. You just need nimble fingers to swipe Jake and a lot of attention. The game has been around for years, yet it keeps updating with interesting features and graphics that draws players.

Editorial Review: Subway Surfer has an aura that attracts users—it allows you to run on the railway tracks, doing stunts. It is an endless running game that has gripped the world. Along the years, players have been introduced to tracks from around the world. Kiloo has introduced new cities and themes such as Houston, Mexico, Beijing, London, Rome, Paris, and the list goes on. The gameplay, however, remains the same-run and avoid the approaching trains. It is a highly engaging game that is free to play.
What really strikes you initially about Subway Surfer is the use of a wide array of colours. It completely enthralls you – visually and mentally. The graphics highlight the life on the tracks amazingly well as well as the surrounding areas. The visuals are edgy and sharp, while the sounds just add to the nuance of the game. If the sound and music interfere with your play, then you can switch it off in the settings. When it comes to the controls for the character, it is easy and there are limited actions—swiping. Just swipe the character in the direction you want him or her to go.

Talking about characters, the game has some of the most interesting characters. There are approximately 18 characters. There are various ways to unlock them – you can unlock them with the necessary keys, collecting items, or buying them with in-game coins. Hence, this is one of the best free online games. There is so much to do without currency. Some of the popular characters are Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, just to name a few.

To bump up the level of excitement and increase your score, collect these gadgets on the tracks. You have: power jumper (boost the character up in the air), jetpack (you can fly over the obstacles), coin magnet (draws all the coins in your way), super sneaker (you can jump higher over the hurdles), score multiplier (rapidly increases your score), and hoverboard (instead of running, ride the board). For a free game, there is a lot you can do in this game.

Challenges: Subway Surfer is an endless game and as you keep going, the pace increases. This requires a higher level of attention, quick thinking, and agile fingers. If the player falters with any of these features, then the game may end. Your mental skills will be challenged, so turn on your concentration levels. You will notice that over time this ability improves.
Quick Tips:
As mentioned earlier, Subway Surfer offers players a host of contraptions. If you want to use them to the best of your ability, then it is important to understand when to use it and how.
Right from the beginning of the game, try to collect all the coins littered on the railway tracks. It will come in handy later, when you want to buy better gadgets, other characters and upgrade them.
If you want to know which are the best power ups, then it is the coin magnet and jetpack. The coins help you boost your gameplay and the jetpack is great for powering over the obstacles.

Genre: Battle Royale
Publisher:The game is developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It is a division of a South Korean video game company, Bluehole. Before PUBG, the company was known for the game TERA, which was launched in 2011. It was a massive multiplayer online role-playing game that captivated players across the world.
Platform: Android/ iOS/ Windows/ PlayStation/ Xbox
Gameplay: Step into a world where you fight it out to be the numero uno. In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you are up against 100 players on an island in a battle royale. It is a deathmatch to the end and the lone survivor is deemed the winner. Players can join this battle solo, duo, or a team up to four people.
The game starts with you on a plane and you have to decide when to eject and parachute to the island. When you land, you have absolutely no gear or ammunition. So, scamper around for it the neighbourhood—buildings, deserted towns, and land for vehicles, ammo, armoury, and other devices to help you win the battle royale. Once you are loaded proceed to knock off players in your vicinity. You can plunder these players for gear and equipment. Also, the island is scattered with loot and essentials. However, the best stuff is based in the high-risk zones where you are visible to other players.

Each game lasts for 30 minutes and the map shrinks every few minutes to a particular, random area. If the player is not in the safe zone, then he or she is eliminated from the game. You have to stay within the blue walls to be in the battle. This confinement increases the severity of the fight and there are more encounters with other players. Also, stay away from the red zone on the map. These places will be bombed, and you will have a few minutes to retreat from those places. To stay in the game, stay alert, and be on top of your attack.

Editorial Review: PUBG is a household name for gamers across the world. It is a free multiplayer battle royal game that involves combat, exploration, and socialising. The game offers players two perspectives for playing – first – person and third – person. Each of them has their pros and cons, so find out the best means to suit your combat.
PUBG is one of the best free-to-play games of the 21st century that is still at the top of it game. The thrill, exhilaration, and energy-packed activities is the spice that is holding the interest of players. There is a lot to do and much more to explore in PUBG. You are always on the grind in each round. The gameplay may be the same, but the suspense that is lurking around is unexpected.

Once you complete the round, the player wins in-game currency, which depends on the game’s performance. You can use the currency to purchase various items to boost your character and makes customisation too. In this multiplayer game you traverse different terrains such as tundra, cities, jungles, and more. What is interesting is the voice chat option. You can communicate with your team members or foes too. PUBG has revolutionised the way we consume entertainment and it has mushroomed into an online game of the decade.

Challenges: The biggest challenge is landing in the most lucrative spot—a place that is loaded with ammo, gear, and essential equipment. Avoid landing in water or swarm, which can be infested with other players.
It is important to shoot at the right time. Choose the right weapon that has the right range. Imagine if you fire and miss, it will attract unwanted attention. So, pick a shotgun or SMGs for close destruction. Assault rifles and pistols for mid-range firing and select sniper rifles for long distance pot shots.

Quick Tips:
When you want a loot package, shoot a flare when a plane is flying over. In the loot package are items that are not available in the gameplay.
Upgrade your armour-it offers better protection as well as increases your inventory.
Shoot when your target is stable, it is difficult to hit a moving target and you end up losing ammunition and you will give up your location.
When you are playing in duo or team mode, communicate and strategise with your fellow players to survive together.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Genre: Role playing games
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is one of the biggest video games companies that have launched some of the biggest games. With their years of experience in the gaming industry, EA has a major stake in the market and their games churn out revenue. Star Wars: The Old Republic is published by EA, but it was developed by BioWare Austin. Some of the other games that EA published are Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Titanfall, Dead Space, Dragon Age, and many more.
Platform: Windows
Gameplay: The war has been raging between the two leading power houses—Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. It is a tense time as vital supplies are diminishing, and illicit activities is on a rapid rise. The Sith Empire aims at conquering the Republic shipyard, which is brand new, on the planet Corellia. So, the Republic forces are gathering their troops and allies from all over the galaxy to protect Corellia and defend it from the Sith Empire. The Alliance Commander and the elite force can decide the future of the galaxy depending on which faction they favour.
In this game, the player can side either factions – good or bad and continue on that story line. The player is sent on quests that take him or her through dense, dangerous forests and rowdy, ruffian-filled streets that is laced with illegal activities. However, stay on the mission at hand, discover and explore the planets and take down the enemies.

The Galactic Republic versus the Sith Empire is the biggest showdown and you can be a part of it. Decide the fate of the planet Corellia and the galaxy at large. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a free-to-play game that is loved and enjoyed by Star Wars gaming fans and other gamers too.

Editorial Review: In Star Wars: The Old Republic has received positive acclaim for the features, music, voice acting, and lengthy gameplay. To play the game, you can go solo or team up with a maximum of four players. Pick a team that is skilled in various abilities to defeat the enemy. Once the team is selected, you are on the planet Corellia. Engage is various missions to unlock new skills and levels. There are daily tasks that may need the assistance of other players, especially heroic missions. In the initial stage of playing, you may face difficulties in handling skills. However, you can train, learn, and practice at various places. In your quest, you will win new items, weapons, and equipment that will boost your character’s gameplay.
There is a twist in the character’s morality. In this game, you can join either of the factions and each faction has its just and villainous leader. However, the player will face a morality issue, which may not align with the ethics of the player’s faction. Say for example, you are playing for the Republic, but you have a dark objective to fulfill. It does not line up with the ethics of the faction. Then what do you do. Also, each player in the group can customize their abilities and use it to their advantage in the game.

One of the interesting features in the game is the voice dialogue. It bumps up the gameplay for the players. Also, just like in Mass Effect, the player has an interaction feature in a dialogue system. Besides this, the players have access to a host of planets and some of the moons. To discover them, each player has their own starship. Explore the galaxy and collect items to help you in completing your quest. The beauty of the game is that players keep coming back to play it even if they have finished playing it. So, get with one of the most exciting games that is free, and it will keep you engaged at length.

Challenges: It is tempting to skip the initial levels and play the later ones. If you do so then you lose out on the gameplay and the rich story lines that give the characters a full personality. Besides this, you are determined to move to the next level – it is not easy. The levels are interesting, but it takes time and experience. Also, the choices you make for your character will taper towards the fate of the galaxy.
Quick Tips:
When you are struggling to move to the next level, then finish the quests and complete the daily PvP tasks and Flashpoints. These quests will push you up and unlock new features for gaming.
There are several non-player characters that you can choose. However, stick to a single one to enjoy the complete development of the story. The character may also develop a love interest.

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