• April 8, 2021

Top Mobile Games Often Have Collaboration

Collaboration or crossover is a concept of combining two franchises into one game. It’s a strategy executed to spoil the players and attract new players to play the game. The method is proven to be effective to raise the franchises’ popularity and make the fans happy playing the game.

There are a number of mobile games that often have crossover events. What are they? Find out in the list below.

  1. Mobile Legends

At number one, Mobile Legends is the mobile MOBA game that often has collaboration events. Yup, this mobile game has presented many special skins from collaboration with famous franchises, such as Mobile Legends x King of Fighters from SNK. Where the Mobile Legends heroes get a special skin from the King of Fighters franchise. Starting with Karina with the Leona Heirden skin, Chou with the Iori Yagami skin, Guinevere with the Athena skin, and so on.

  1. Arena of Valor

Besides Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor (AOV) also often has collaboration events. One of the most phenomenal collaborations is with DC Comics, this MOBA game brings iconic DC characters such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, even the Joker to the game. Besides superheroes, AOV also collaborates with Sword Art Online to bring the Kirito skin for Allain and the Asuna skin for Butterfly.

In 2018, AOV collaborates with the Wiro Sableng film to present the tank hero Wiro Sableng. There’s also AOV x Ultraman from Netflix. The event presented two new skins, Ultraman and Seven.

  1. PUBG Mobile

Next is PUBG Mobile. This battle royale game collaborates with Resident Evil 2 Remake from Capcom. This crossover presents a special mode the PUBG Mobile players can try surviving from zombie hordes, including the terrifying Tyrant.

Besides Resident Evil 2 Remake, PUBG Mobile collaborates with a famous franchise such as Walking Dead, Metro Exodus, Mission Impossible, Black Pink, and Godzilla vs Kong.

  1. Free Fire

Not wanting to lose to PUBG Mobile, Free Fire also has a number of phenomenal crossovers. Not just games, Free Fire also attracts famous individuals. Starting with Christiano Ronaldo who became Chrono, Joe Taslim as Jota, DJ Alok, and Saitama from One-Punch Man. not stopping there, Free Fire also collaborates with the Ragnarok Online franchise to bring a number of cosmetic adapted from Ragnarok Online.

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  1. Fortnite

Fortnite is an Epic Games game with a ton of collaboration events. The collaboration in Fortnite is usually in the form of skins. Like the Marvel superheroes costume that you can use in Fortnite. Epic Games even created Thanos, The Avengers’ enemy complete with his own game mode.

Epic Games also often ask other game developers and publishers to collaborate with Fortnite. There are several iconic characters such as Lara Croft, Kratos, and Master Chief available as skins in Fortnite.

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